Digital Screen Cleaners

Custom branded micro fiber screen cleaners, by the Boulder Idea Group, adhere to smart phones, and mobile devices, keeping your brand, logo or promotional message always at your client’s finger tips.

These micro fiber display cleaners remove dirt, smudges and fingerprints from mobile devices and smart phones. Display cleaners are self-adhesive, can be used over-and-over again without wearing out, will not scratch surfaces and do not leave a sticky residue on your device.  Just stick, peel, clean and stick!

Small Micro Clean Pads for iPhones, Android, Smart Phones. 

Standard and Custom Packaging Available


Great for iPads, Tablets and Laptop computers

 Digital Cleaner and MicroStand

Unique way to clean and stand your iPhones, Androids or smart phones. Great for watching videos. Just stick, peel, clean, stick and stand!


Digital screen cleaner that doubles as an iPhone or Smart Phone Stand. Great for work stations, desks and travel.

Micro Clean iPhone Skin Cleaners

Promote, protect and clean your iPhone screen whenever you need with these unique micro fiber iPhone Skins.

For more information on all our MicroClean products, please contact David Flores at the Boulder Idea Group (303-484-8869) or email us at