“Blue Stain” Beetle Kill Pine Cold Product Displays

Beetle Kill Pine Custom Displays from the Boulder Idea Group

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The Boulder Idea Group is excited to present our latest in-store “Blue Stain” Lodgepole Pine product display designed and manufactured in Colorado.

At the mill our woodworkers cut each wood panel from trees that have been killed by the Mountain Pine Beetle.  The reclaimed timber is recycled and transformed into beautiful, unique wood displays. In addition, we can print your logo directly onto the wood panels using a vibrant, digital 4 color process.


With full custom stainless steel capabilities our fabricators expertly craft stainless steel basins to meet your gauge and finish specifications.

Each display is finished with foam insulation and then hand stained for a lustrous and long lasting finish.

The end result is a beautiful, custom “Blue Stain” pine display that is absolutely one of a kind.

About “Blue Stain” Pine

“Blue Stain” Pine, commonly referred to as Beetle Kill, gets it’s name from the unique, and beautiful blue-grey streaking, or staining, that is in the wood.  This streaking/staining is a direct result of the devastating impact of the Mountain Pine Beetle.

Supporting Local Manufacturing and Forest Service

The “Blue Stain” Pine is a valuable Colorado resource. The trees that we use have been killed by the Mountain Pine Beetle. By utilizing a reclaimed, sustainable resource we help reduce the risk of forest fires and supports Colorado’s local and state economy.

Corporate Responsibility

The Boulder Idea Group donates a percentage of each display sale to The Colorado Tree Coalition, which support the Colorado Tree Trust & Reforest Colorado.

Reclaim, Reuse, Recycle and Reforest.