Custom Beetle Kill Pine 2″ Shot Glass Coasters

Beetle Kill Pine Shot Glass CoastersThe Boulder Idea Group introduces custom Beetle Kill Pine 2″ Shot Glass Coasters designed and manufactured in Colorado. These beautiful blue stained coasters are prefect for tasting rooms and distilleries. They’re created from reclaimed and eco-friendly beetle kill pine and can be decorated with your brand or logo laser engraved, etched and/or digitally printed.

About “Blue Stain”, Beetle Kill Pine

“Blue Stain” Pine, commonly referred to as Beetle Kill, gets it’s name from the unique, and beautiful blue-grey streaking, or staining, that is in the wood.  This streaking/staining is a direct result of the devastating impact of the Mountain Pine Beetle.

Supporting Local Manufacturing and Forest Service

The “Blue Stain” Pine is a valuable Colorado resource. The trees that we use have been killed by the Mountain Pine Beetle. By utilizing a reclaimed, sustainable resource we help reduce the risk of forest fires and support Colorado’s local and state economies.

Corporate Responsibility

The Boulder Idea Group donates a percentage of each coaster sale to Restoring Colorado’s Forests Fund. Providing tree seedlings for  planting on lands throughout Colorado that have been most severely impacted by wildfire or other disasters.

Reclaim, Reuse, Recycle and Reforest.

For more information on the any of our custom Beetle Kill Pine custom product capabilities, please contact David Flores