Custom Beetle Kill Pine Products and Displays

The Boulder Idea Group has expanded our line to include eco-friendly branded products made from Beetle Kill Pine and manufactured in Colorado.

These unique products are constructed from sustainable and environmentally friendly blue stained, beetle-kill pine and printed with eco-friendly, water-based, full color digital imprints.

If you are an organic, natural products company or care about using sustainable eco-friendly resources, these beautiful, custom designed product displays allow you to present, and promote, your company’s eco-conscious commitment.

About “Blue Stain, Beetle Kill” Pine

“Blue Stain Beetle Kill” Pine gets it’s name from the unique, and beautiful blue-grey streaking, or staining, that is in the wood.  This streaking/staining is a direct result of the devastating impact of the Mountain Pine Beetle.

Supporting Local Manufacturing and Forest Service

The “Blue Stained Beetle Kill” Pine is a valuable Colorado resource. The trees that we use have been killed by the Mountain Pine Beetle. By utilizing this reclaimed, sustainable resource we help reduce the risk of forest fires and supports Colorado’s local and state economy.

Corporate Responsibility

The Boulder Idea Group donates a percentage of each display sale to The Colorado Tree Coalition, which supports the Colorado Tree Trust & ReForest Colorado.

Reclaim, Reuse, Recycle and Reforest.

Custom In Store Beverage Station

Custom In Store Beetle Kill Pine Beverage Station

Beetle Kill Pine In Store Cold Beverage Station.

These custom Beetle Kill Pine Cold Beverage Stations are designed to highlight your cold beverages at the point of sale. Designed and manufactured in Colorado these beverage stations feature a fully functional foam insulated sink. Just fill with ice and fill with your favorite beverage. Great presentation for cans and bottles. Available with full color, digital decoration.


Wine and Spirits Beetle Kill Pine Boxes
Promote Your Brand in Beautiful Blue Stained Beetle Kill Cases
Recycled Sustainable Beetle Kill Pine 6 Compartment Chest
Beetle Kill Pine Custom 6 Compartment Chest

Beetle Kill Pine Wine and Spirit Cases.

Present your wine or spirit bottles in these beautiful, custom manufactured Beetle Kill Pine case . Designed to your specification these cases are available in single or multiple bottle sizes. Full color decoration with eco-friendly inks is available for all products.


Beetle Kill Pine 6 Compartment Chest

This counter top display is contructed of 100% Beetle Kill Pine and manufactured in the Colorado. Great for natural and organic products and packaging.

Custom Counter Top Display

Beetle Kill Pine Counter Top In Store Display






Beetle Kill Pine Counter Top Display

The Boulder Idea Group’s standing counter top displays can be custom designed to accommodate your product packaging. These unique displays are constructed from 100% Beetle Kill Pine and manufactured in beautiful Colorado. These displays are perfect for the natural products company that wants thier product displayed in a manner consistent with their brand and message.



Colorado Beetle Kill Pine Small Product Display Box

Custom Colorado Beetle Kill Pine Product Display Boxes

Beetle Kill Pine Small Product Display

This small counter or table top presentation box is great for sampling product. Box top and inside top can be printed with full full digital graphics printed with eco-friendly inks.






For additional information on Point-of-Sale Product Displays, please contact David Flores,, or call the Boulder Idea Group at 303-484-8869.