ECO Apparel

The Boulder Idea Group introduces Boardroom’s ECO/// Apparel

The ECO/// mark certifies that a garment is made from natural and/or recycled fibers and that it has been manufactured in a socially compliant, fair trade facility. The ECO/// mark represents authentic third-party audits and certification; bluesign® for environment, health and safety of fabrics and components, and Intertek and Bureau Veritas for Social Compliance / Fair Trade. As consumers, we can be  “greenwashed” by green marketing that is more style than substance. Because there is no recognized industry-wide mark to indicate a garment’s eco factor or social compliance, the ECO Apparel ECO/// mark represents the compilation of certifications, audits, licenses and binding documents that we require from our various suppliers and service providers. ECO/// Apparel asks the tough questions and make demands on our suppliers to minimize the impact on the environment.
For more information on ECO///Apparel, screenprinting and embroidery services, please contact the Boulder Idea Group, 
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